International and Cross-border Taxation

International and cross-border taxation, quality professional consulting to resolve interpretive doubts and manage complexities.


Private Clients, multi-jurisdictional entrepreneurial Families and structured SMEs often find themselves in the position of having to meet tax obligations in more than one jurisdiction. This can be either because of the tax residence of the Client and of the companies/Trusts/Corporations where they are involved, or even because of the geographic location of assets and rights.

Thanks to its professionals and its network of correspondents in the main marketplaces involved in the Private Clients market, TEMPORA Tax&Legal supports the Client in international and cross-border tax compliance and obligations.



TEMPORA Tax&Legal experts provide professional consultancy for:


— Legal advice


— Structuring & restructuring of multinational corporate groups

Verification of compliance with tax regulations.


— Compliance activities

Tax returns, application of withholdings, recovery of tax credits.


— Disclosure activities, tax pre-litigation and tax litigation